Legal Scale in the News

Lending Facilities – Merchant Cash Advance, Factoring Facilities, and Revenue-Based Financing

"A merchant cash advance is a type of loan that offers a cash advance against future sales. The term is commonly used to describe a variety of small business financing options, providing quick cash for business. A merchant cash advance provides alternative financing to a traditional small-business loan..."

Lock-up Periods: Regular IPOs v/s SPACs IPOs

"A lock-up agreement is a legal agreement signed by all the shareholders of a company, which restricts them from selling any shares of the company’s stock for an agreed period of time. There are no federal laws governing lock-up agreements; these are instead usually determined by the underwriters and the issuer and its directors, officers and control persons in connection with offerings of securities..."

Circle of Competence: Is WeWork Fixable?

Neil O’Donnell, along with help from the the Capital Technologies Quant team, explores how the market currently is discounting its future prospects (through curent bond issue pricing) and what it will ultimately take to turn the business around.

Circle of Competence #09

"We discussed typical terms around SPACs for founders as well as investors, what is driving the recent explosion in SPAC popularity, our thoughts on two SPACs in particular, and the macro environment in general."

Circle of Competence #04

"In this episode, we discuss foundational investment principles, the cell tower investment business, the venture debt space, and tons of great resources for those just beginning their investing journey."